Our Principals

Joe Trednic

CEO | Principal

As Owner and President of ProFab Construction, Joe Trednic is committed to creating high-quality business strategies and plans that align with short-term and long-term objectives. With oversight in all operations and business activities, Mr. Trednic ensures that the team produces the client’s desired results and remains consistent with the overall strategy and mission of any project development.

Joe is a successful entrepreneur specializing in General Contracting and Material Supply Industries and a results-producing CEO with over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in the construction and real estate industries. A financially savvy business owner, Mr. Trednic excels in forecasting, budgeting, developing innovative proactive solutions despite unpredictable market dips or obstacles. Known for creating loyal and lasting professional relationships with colleagues and clients, this is the result of operating his business with honesty and integrity.

Joe leads by example exercising five critical components of safety leadership, including field presence, effective communication, feedback, accountability, and bench-marking.

Jennifer Milsaps

CFO | Principal

Jennifer Milsaps is an accomplished manager, accounting and purchasing professional in construction. As Chief Financial Officer of ProFab Construction, she oversees all aspects of the company’s finances, including developing and maintaining financial systems, processes, job cost accounting, and operations.

For over 25 years she has specialized in the building industry with an emphasis on business accounting, purchasing, contract negotiation, banking, and subcontractor management. With involvement in both commercial and residential projects including subdivisions, luxury homes, multi-family projects, tenant improvements, restaurants, and hotels her understanding of financial and purchasing procedures is extensive.

Bringing industry-specific know-how, a wide-ranging perspective and remarkable skills in business operations Jennifer leads by example. She provides a creative, open environment for all team members to grow in their abilities. Focusing on maximum performance and efficiency she has established ProFab Construction’s integrated systems and encourages a modern cross-trained role approach to construction management and guidance.

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