Profab Systems

FrameCor, LLC has proven the benefits of automated modular fabrication for building structures. Since inception in 2020, FrameCor, LLC has grown to annual revenues exceeding $2,000,000.00 and employs 8 full time employees. Apartments, hotels and build to rent communities are perfect candidates to capitalize on the steel wall construction in factory system for superior quality. Completed walls are shipped and erected onsite in a fraction of convectional stick framing. This provides a more efficient and faster process than conventional methods. This is one of the time savings methods mentioned in ProFab Systems, LLC description.

The process begins at an automated factory building steel wall modular framing, proprietary structural sheathing panel, proprietary fluid applied water and air resistive barrier during the window installation. Followed by in the field applications of proprietary two step brown coat and integral vaper barrier with a final coat of cork finish with pre-pigmented finish. ProFab Systems, LLC is a new holding entity for this process.

We do what it takes to ensure the success of every project